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Adorable Audubon Home Larger Than It Looks

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Ignore the misplaced at signs in this listing, unless those symbols are somehow conjuring more square footage than 816 Henry Clay #B has advertised. Operating with the magic of former Disney kids show "Out of the Box", (and hopefully coming across less like House of Leaves) this single family home somehow manages to fit two full bedrooms and bathrooms in just 798 square feet.

Multiple fireplaces, hardwood floors, and spiffy kitchen counter tops make this renovated beauty pretty dreamy. Add to that its crazy amount of parking spaces for your up to three vehicles as well as a humble backyard that's easily capable of hosting some small shindigs and you've got a home that's set for relaxing or entertaining. Given the area and proximity to Audubon Park, its $335,000 asking price isn't actually too terrible. Phew! · 816 Henry Clay Ave. #B [Trulia]
· On The Market [Curbed NOLA]