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$171K Gets You a Doorless Bathroom in Holy Cross

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[UPDATE]: Keller Williams realtor and listings agent for this property Fredric Larson has reached out to Curbed NOLA and let us know that there is, in fact, a door for the master bathroom. Still, a gorgeous find in Holy Cross.

A tipster passed along this perfect hump day listing in Holy Cross, with nothing more than a link and a nod to a very special feature not usually seen in any home. In addition to a gorgeous barge board motif, loads of natural light, and a killer price to boot, 424 Tricou has one extra amenity — an open concept bathroom.

As you can see from the photos below, an open concept bathroom completely lacks a door and really any privacy. It's the hippie wild child of bathrooms, making a statement in an understated room. If you're not feeling all that quality, exposed bathroom time, there's always another full bathroom in the house to do your business in.

424 Tricou also boasts two bedrooms and a decent amount of backyard space. Built in 1915, this quaint 975 square foot cottage sells for just $171,000. Open yourself to the possibilities of shirking the stigma of bathroom activities behind closed doors. Or, at least, take a look at the place — it really is a gem.

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