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Apartments, Commercial Planned at Original Times-Picayune

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[UPDATE] This text has been revised to reflect additional information from Richard Campanella. Sadly, the TP palimpsest ain't dere no more.

Two interconnected buildings on Camp St are set to become a series of apartments and commercial space, according to a permit application that was submitted last month. CBD Camp Holdings LLC, which owns 326 and 330 Camp St, are looking to spend $2M to renovate the buildings, adding shop doors, rooftop monitor, and a new guard rail and balcony, among many other improvements.

Apartments will be built on the second and third floor, with the fourth floor being used as lofts. It's unclear as to how many units will be available — the permit seems to state nine apartments total while the architectural floor plans point to twelve. No mention has been made as to how many commercial spaces will be available, though according to the floor plans, all commercial space will be on the ground floor.

The former site of Newspaper Row, 326 Camp St first housed the Times-Picayune when it was built in the 1850s. According to Richard Campanella's book "Time and Place in New Orleans: Past Geographies in the Present Day," evidence of the Picayune is fading but visible sadly no longer there via a palimpsest between the third and fourth floors of its exterior.

326 Camp St then housed Ed Smith's Stencil Works. Now located in MidCity at 4315 Bienville St, the legendary sign, stamps, and badge fabrication business has been serving the city since 1867.

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