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iLofts Not That Tech Savvy in Pre-Leasing Announcement

Attaching a lower case "i" to your apartment's nomenclature and boasting of tech-related amenities would leave renters to believe that your apartments and the people representing them have a way with technology, right? If underwhelming bulk paragraph Craigslist ad is the new tech savvy, then yes, MetroWide Apartments are indeed hip and with it.

The company is advertising pre-leasing of their luxury (but maybe not luxury) apartments via the popular batshit classifieds site with tech amenities like surround sound, iDevice docks galore, and, perhaps the most fishy of all — cloud storage.

There is no mention made whatsoever on the iLoft website about this pre-leasing, which is a gargantuan fail in MetroWide's online approach. Add to that strange specials that include winning prizes for paying your rent early, plus a social media ticker prominently displaying a very negative Facebook post from a tenant and you've got a very befuddled iLoft roll out.

Also there's a very amusing and oddly photoshopped image of a too-small woman brushing her teeth in a pseudo rustic bathroom alongside photos of an incomplete iLofts that appear very much still under construction and therefore impossible to gather actual interior shots. Swing and a miss again, MetroWide Apartments.

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