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Prytania Park Hotel is Transforming into the Avenue Oaks

The legendary Halpern family is looking to add to their 1525 Prytania St hotel. Billed as more of a European-style guesthouse, the 60 room hotel has been hosting tourists and garnering positive reviews for years. As tourism continues to increase, so Prytania Park looks to reinvent itself to accommodate even more guests by adding two extensions that would up the hotel's room count to 200.

Slated to open at either the end of 2015 or the start of 2016, the ambitious project includes new buildings on the Melpomene and Terpsichore sides of the hotel. The first building, at Melpomene and St Charles, would offer nearly 50 rooms while the second building would add 90 rooms to the complex.

The Halperns are also looking to rename Prytania Park to Avenue Oaks Hotel. They've chosen the Avenue Oaks moniker to reflect the many tries that line Prytania and many other major streets. Additional amenities will include a porch area, parking structure, and meeting spaces on the ground floor.

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