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Explore Lafitte, Hit the Quarter for Talk Like a Pirate Day

It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day and Curbed NOLA be settin' sail t' t' town o' Jean Lafitte. No, really. We're about to take a beautiful nature walk in Barataria Preserve, followed by a trip to Louisiana's most piratey (and somehow.. cleanest?) town and straight to the Lafitte Museum.

The entire state of Louisiana is a pirate's paradise — so much so that the man who co-founded Talk Like a Pirate Day actually lives in New Orleans. Take a stroll through Pirate's Alley, enjoy a Voodoo Daiquiri at Lafitte's Blacksmith, and gear up for NOLA Pirate Wench's Turtle Bay takeover.

Oh, and don't forget to actually talk like a pirate. This translator may help.

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