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Former Site of Hubig's Highlights the Marigny's Exorbitance

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The hallowed ground (well, lots) that once held Hubig's Bakery have finally hit the market though sadly their pies and day-to-day production have yet to fully recover. Three lots make up the empty section of Dauphine St. for a total of 15,244 square feet. Their former addresses are 2415, 2419-21, and 2423, though buyers may be able to re-subdivide pending city approval.

Collectively, they're priced at a hefty $1,047,000. You read that right — over one million dollars for land that contains nothing on it save for thin patches of grass. Not interested in the whole shebang? That first 2415 space is on sale for essentially the price of an actual home in the Marigny at $408,870. Those other two lots fare far cheaper at $367,182 and $367,305, respectively.

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