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$55K Gets You Psychedelic Purple Brick Ranch Pad in Gentilly

There's something strange going on in Gentilly. Either the photographer who snapped these otherworldly photos of 1501 Harcourt Dr got a little crazy in post-production or the "ranch" in this home's style stands for Futurama's Wong Ranch nestled on Mars. For its price — a cool $55K — this single-family home is a stellar deal, though that may have more to do with its brash paint job.

Even the interior of 1501 Harcourt Dr errs on the bright side, with soft indigos and lavenders adding accent and contrast in a home that includes purple-colored cabinets in its kitchen. Four purple bedrooms, two (presumably) purple baths, and a purple fireplace make up the interior, while a decidedly bland fence surrounds a spacious backyard next to a purple and white garage.

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