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Former Schwegmann's Set to Become Manhattan Crossing

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Manhattan Crossing is coming to Harvey. The former site of Schwegmann Giant Super Market is as advertised — an absolutely huge space that, it turns out, can more than accommodate multiple retailers. $3.2M in renovations are planned so that the likes of Hobby Lobby and Panera Bread can move into the 120,000 square foot building. Manhattan Crossing is set to open in 2015.

Though the property was purchased last December, 2424 Manhattan is best known for its former one-stop shop tenants. The Real Superstore opened there in 1987 and soon became legendary local grocery store Schwegmann's. Schwegmann Giant Super Market was a leader of its time, its humble roots dating back to the late 1860s. As a superstore, Schwegmann's provided novel self-service options and essentially its own township of shopping. Shoppers could get their fishes fileted as they made groceries, grab alcoholic beverages to stroll with, pick up lunch at the deli, and cap things off with a Schwegmann's bag of fresh produce for later.

Life looked promising for Schwegmann's after its founder's son took over and soon announced a merger with National Tea Co. Though it was never completely clear what had happened — either through accruing debt or bad business deals — Schwegmann's then went under. Lawsuits were systematically filed and won against son John F. Schwegmann, who claimed no responsibility for the grocery store's going under.

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