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At $626 Per Square Foot, is 2329 Coliseum Worth the Price?

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A tipster passed along this $1,675,000 home with enough shock and incredulity on par with the Saints' recent loss. Its 2,676 square feet composed of three bedrooms and three baths puts it as a single family home and therefore wholly unremarkable save for its high price, right? As with nearly every property in New Orleans, this one's got quite the special story.

2329 Coliseum St is one of the legendary and misnamed Seven Sisters, the last of eight properties on Halls Row, as they were named for their builder, Henry Hall, who crafted his homes off of designs by legendary architect Henry Howard. The Italiante home was built around 1868 and restored in 2010. So, does all that previously done legwork and restoration make this alleged masterpiece worth it?

Maybe a list of accents and amenities will help in your decision. Accents include crown molding, high ceilings, and wide pine floors. Amenities include a fireplace, two huge walk-in closets, and a private garden room. Adding a bit more bang to your proverbial buck is the romantic (and sadly bogus) legend that 2329 and its "sister" properties got their name because they were to be wedding gifts for seven sisters. Now, if only every marriage came with a gorgeous property like that.

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