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YAYA Arts Center Breaks Ground Today, Opens June 2015

Young Aspirations/Young Artists, Inc. broke ground earlier today on a Central City Arts Center that they hope will help revitalize the LaSalle corridor. Nestled alongside innovative community market pods built by Tulane Architecture professor Byron Mouton and his students just two years ago, the $1.3M space will function as a youth center for underserved students who may not otherwise have access to creative courses.

In developing 3322 LaSalle St, YAYA has sought Mouton's help as well as that of Harmony Neighborhood Development to strengthen their ties with the neighborhood. YAYA is set to not only offer classes, workshops, and equipment rentals to Central City youth but provide a space where students can display and sell their artwork. Looking to help out as construction begins on the YAYA Arts Center? They've got a Just Say YAYA Gala this November 15th. All proceeds will benefit the center, though if you're not aching to drop $150 on a ticket, you can always just donate.

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