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Planned FQ Condos Come Closer to Reality

Another development that's been on our radar also saw a positive outcome at yesterday's VCC meeting. Though creating far less of a hubbub than that of Café Habana, 1220 Dauphine and 822 Barracks received conceptual approval from the VCC for its proposed condos. The former Maison Hospitaliere site presented an ambitious plan to anachronistically restore each building in a more cohesive manner.

There were complaints, of course. Residents felt that the project lacked consistency. A proposed reconstruction of a previous gallery would contradict a true circa 1880s restoration, noted one commenter. The VCC acknowledged that the property was essentially known for its additions. As Maison Hospitaliere opened, so it looked to an immediate expansion to better serve women and the elderly. Lauricella Bourbon Properties now sets its sights on serving its future tenants and residents.

The VCC's next meeting is scheduled for October 1 at 1:30pm. If you're a serious architecture or meeting junkie, they've got two other Architectural Committee meetings between now and then at 1:30pm on September 9 and 23, respectively.

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