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Dive Inn Guesthouse Changes Owners, Nude Future Uncertain

The Dive Inn, New Orleans' kitschy clothing optional Uptown B&B has been sold to 4417 Dryades St. LLC, an aptly titled limited liability corp whose name just happens to be the building's address. Its previous owners had been running the Dive Inn for over two decades, purchasing the space for just $120,000 in 1993. What does a property like this sell for today?

4417 Dryades listed in March for $899,000. It sold for $817,000. While its future as a B&B will stay fairly intact, (it's zoned perfectly) there has been no mention made of keeping it clothing optional. Plastered all over the Dive Inn's website and even in online reviews is the motto "this is not the place for high maintenance people". Let's hope for no luxury transformation.

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