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$875/Month Rents You a Historic 2-Bedroom Treme Duplex

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[UPDATE] A tipster informs us that this listing has appeared many times on Craigslist with a few edits here and there, despite calls to the rental company confirming it's actually be rented. Very fishy indeed!

Is garbled Craigslist headline the new google poetics? This Treme listing makes the case for a future of CL postings that are next level nonsense. Billed as a "A Ghost Of A Chance", 1938 Saint Philip St. has a lot to offer if you can either parse or move past the headline. What does it all mean?

This two bedroom, one bath duplex has the historic goods: high ceilings, hardwood floors, and even original mantles for its fireplaces. Pets are welcome, though no mention's been made of a pet deposit. Actual deposit is a reasonable $975 and rent is $875 a month for a yearlong lease.

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