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Club New Orleans Sells to Jax Brewery Developer

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[UPDATE] Richard F. Jeansonne, who represented the party purchasing 515 Toulouse St has informed Curbed NOLA that the property has, in fact, been sold to Jonathan Weber and states that "Earl Weber has nothing to do with this building."

All this week tipsters have been asking about the status of 515 Toulouse St, aka Club New Orleans. The 24 hour gay bath house was rumored to be turning into condos and as a "sale pending" sign went up, so grew speculation. Curbed NOLA reached out to Sotheby's realtor David E. Smith, who represented Club New Orleans. Speaking on the record with Curbed NOLA, Smith confirmed your suspicions as well as shed light on who snatched up the charming Creole townhouse.

Jax Brewery developer Earl Weber is now the proud owner of 515 Toulouse. According to Smith, he's armed with permits to indeed change the facility to condos, though not within the same scope as those atop the Jax building. The sale closed Tuesday afternoon, with French Quarter Realty's Richard Jeansonne and his son, George, repping Weber. Stayed tuned for more updates as 515 Toulouse makes its condominium transformation.

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