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St. Roch Market Is In the Market to Reopen to the Public, Soon

St. Roch rocks on. The developers for the new St. Roch market plowed forward, having filed electrical permit plans with the City. Not exciting enough for you? Well, it should electrify you a bit: the details posted with the plan, while sketchy, provide enough detail for the interiors.

What will be inside? Well, are you hungry?

The market will have a plethora of fresh and/or tasty food options: juice bar, salad bar, an area for parties and baked goods, an oyster and fresh seafood bar, a coffee vendor, prepared foods, and a bar. For those looking for a mild buzz: wine will also be sold.

The history building, dating back to 1875, will feature 6,800 s.f. of leasable space with vendor stalls, kitchen and restaurant space, and outdoor seating. Renovated throughout the years in 1914, 1937, and 1945, the building will regain its vibrancy since its vacancy due to Hurricane Katrina.

View the floorplan, courtesy of Canal Street Beat, below.

· New Orleans Site Selected as Study Area for 2015 Hines Competition [Canal Street Beat]