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Defending Champion the Bywater Wins Curbed Cup 2014

Bywater stalwarts, where did y'all come from? The topsy-turvy Curbed Cup 2014 has seen more twists and turns than the mighty Mississippi River and, at one point, saw our finalists, the Bywater and Garden District swapping the lead within as few as four votes of each other. By sheer force of rallying during the final fleeting hours, the Bywater retook the lead and kept right on going, overtaking the Garden District by just 57 votes. A record 959 votes were placed in the final round and a respectable zero snarky comments were made — folks simply voiced who they were voting for and encouraged others to do the same. Color us impressed. To our returning champion and all the neighborhoods repped along the way, we wish you and your denizens your best year yet. Happy Curbed Cup!
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