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You Have Until March to Enter St Louis #1 Without a Tour Guide

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One of the most famous cemeteries in New Orleans is restricting its access starting March 1. St Louis #1 Cemetery is the city's oldest cemetery and also its most vandalized, which is why the Archdiocese of New Orleans has decided to only allow tours and relatives of the dead inside. Notable, perpetual vandalism includes the many X's scrawled along Marie Laveau's tomb and those famous kisses adorning Nic Cage's tomb, which we checked out in December. St Louis #1 is the first but certainly not the last major cemetery to enact restrictive rules towards its visitors — the St Roch cemeteries as well as St Louis #3 are next on the list to only allow tours and relatives inside. As of this writing, you have just 33 days to deliver your eulogies and bid adieu.
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