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Two Units in the Mysterious Luling Mansion Are Now For Rent

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To quote the tipster who passed along this pair of rentals — OMG. Two units in the mysterious, often criticized Luling Mansion are now for rent and they don't come cheap. Both are one bedroom, one bath rentals, both are 1,100 square feet and only one listing offers a glimpse into an interior that is rarely ever seen.

Unit #1 is asking $900 a month and includes standard kitchen appliances but very few photos if its interior. Our photos of Unit #8 below show far more of the Luling Mansion, including tall ceilings and windows as well as hardwood floors. #8 asks $1,100 a month. Our tipster surmises that the one bedrooms' high rental prices most likely have to do with the building itself. Says the tipster — "Certainly being able to tell others you live there warrants an additional premium."

Owned by Ruth Welcker, the multi-unit Luling Mansion has come under fire for its alleged lack of upkeep and removal of wings. The mansion traces its history to James Gallier, who designed the sweeping Esplanade Ridge estate, built in 1865. The building was created for Florence Luling, a woman flush with cash thanks to herhis family's successful turpentine business. It was sold to the Louisiana Jockey Club some six years later and used as a clubhouse for decades.

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