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CBD Developer Transforms Gutted 808 Baronne Into Home

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Developer Dotan Bonen is no stranger to renovations, having worked extensively on his other properties at 337 Baronne St, 407 Baronne St and 826 Baronne St. Perhaps his biggest undertaking so far has been the complete transformation of what is now his family home at 808 Baronne St. Architect Charles Neyrey with M2 Studios designed this sweeping renovation, which includes all recycled wood from the building itself and Fins Construction and Hauss Builders did the construction. This former three story commercial structure was built in 1845 and reduced to a single story in 1920. Way back to at least the 1890s, when architect-contractor team Charles Charton and Edwin Pruitt used the space as an office. After the jump, check out what 808 Baronne looks like today.