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Garden District Mansion with "Best Floor Plan Ever" asks $2.1M

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Curbed NOLA is currently on a roll with five bedroom houses. Some of them have four and a half bathrooms with modern touches juxtaposed against regal crown molding like in 1424 Seventh St. Though there seems to be a never-ending combination of big houses painted in muted colors with pools composing nearly the entirety of their backyards, no other homes can say that they have the "best floor plan ever." This 127+ year old Victorian makes such a claim and, well, it's got 5,756 square feet to prove it, which is why we're asking you, dear readers to be the judges of this home. Just don't get attached to too many of the chandeliers and mirrors — apparently not all of those are staying in the allegedly superlatively laid out house.

Poll results

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