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Short-Term St Roch Rental Comes With Home-Cooked Meals

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The ever-awesome NOLA neighborhood of St Roch is about to add a bit more food to its repertoire. No, we're not talking about the St Roch Market, which will be opening in the spring. What we mean is this Craigslist micro-rental that includes home-cooked meals. Even if you're crashing for just a day, foods ranging form gumbo to spaghetti are all yours for an extra $20. Is this a micro-rental or a take on AirBnB? Judging by the person posting being "in search of a new roommate without the commitment," we can surmise a bit of both, though it seems the authentic area cuisine takes precedent over a description of living quarters. A weekday runs you $50, while a two night minimum weekend shoots up to $200 and a full week is $300.
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