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Former West End Home of Herman Leonard Hits the Market

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The former home of legendary jazz photographer Herman Leonard has hit the market. 200 W Robert E Lee Blvd offers gorgeous views of the marina as well as nautical nets throughout. The three story two bedroom, two bath is constantly bathed in natural light thanks to its copious windows. It's little wonder that the $369K home is already pending after spending a little over a month on the market.

Herman Leonard, the home's previous owner, frequently drew inspiration from this home and the city itself. All it took was one visit — his first, actually — for him to fall in love with New Orleans. He moved to the city in the early '90s, buying up this architectural gem. Speaking with the Times-Picayune back in 2001, Leonard told reporter Gordon Russell that "there's just no place like here anywhere. I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin. My only regret is that I didn't come sooner."

Leonard moved to Studio City shortly after Hurricane Katrina when thousands of his prints were damaged from the storm. Luckily, his negatives were saved by the Ogden Museum, which housed them during that time. He sold 200 W Robert E Lee in 2007.

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