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Over Two Years Later, Cafe Habana Finally Gains Approval

We thought this day would never come. The Vieux Carre Commission has approved plans for Cafe Habana by a vote of 4-2. The proposed restaurant, which has seen countless VCC meetings as well as having been talked about in City Council meetings, is an off-shoot of Brooklynite Sean Meenan's Habana Outpost. Meenan originally presented plans for a Habana Outpost at 1036 Esplanade but his expansive ideas for a larger-scale restaurant (think a super-high capacity with a super-low amount of parking) languished in city council chambers and was eventually withdrawn amid threat of the proposal being taken up with City Council. Meenan faces a similar challenge despite the victory. Though the VCC has approved of Cafe Habana, the decision can still be appealed to City Council. Will this be a repeat of the restaurant's previous efforts? Stay tuned.
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