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$295K Gets You One Bedroom Lanata Row House Condo

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Live in a cozy condo in a historic New Orleans building. 1204 Chartres St #2 is just one unit of the five home tract known as the Lanata Row Houses, which spans nearly the entire block between Gov. Nicholls and Barracks St. This one bedroom, one and a half bath offers two stories yet is just 530 square feet. Its amenities include onsite laundry and access to a beautiful brick courtyard. The condo itself is $295K, not including that $275 a month.

The nearly identical homes were all designed by the man that made St Louis Cathedral, J.N.B De Pouilly. Built in 1847, the homes stand where the French originally had their army barracks and military hospital. Dominique Lanata acquired the land in 1845. The Lanata Row houses have stood for over 150 years. One such building is now the Richelieu Hotel while yet another is the Lanata House Apartments.

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