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Planned Napoleon Ave. Bike Lane Won't Cut Down on Car Lanes

Finally, some good news amid what seems like Uptown's never-ending construction morass: Napoleon Avenue will be getting a bike lane, but the neutral ground on the street will remain the same size and no traffic/parking lanes will be spared in the process. In a rare feat of compromise, several contingents — bikers, drivers and passionate Uptown parade-goers — should be happy about these plans.

Today The Advocate reported on the city's plan, which presents a major compromise. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' original plan for rebuilding Napoleon after their massive drainage project, the thing that's making everyone's lives hell, called for cutting the width of the neutral ground to make room for a bike lane. Neighbors were upset about it, because it's important to leave enough room for an impenetrable wall of ladders and fold-up chairs during Carnival parades, but bikers were excited. One possible solution to keep the neutral ground as is included getting rid of a car lane.

But don't worry — the city figured it all out:

The new city proposal will fit in a five-foot bike lane by trimming the width of the other lanes. The lanes for cars and for parking will be narrowed by two feet each under the proposal. Mayor Landrieu is calling the plan a "win-win-win." According to the Army Corps of Engineer's website, the Napoleon Avenue phase of the drainage project is scheduled to wrap up in "winter 2016."

· New Orleans releases compromise plan for Napoleon Avenue — bike lane and all [The Advocate]