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A CC's Drive-Through: Too Suburban for Mid-City?

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We've heard this question posed before: is all the retail development in Mid-City making the neighborhood too Metairie-like (look, we all know you hate Metairie)? That seems to be the issue with a planned outpost of the local CC's cafe chain on Canal Street across from the University Medical Center that calls for a ... drive-through [insert screaming ghost face Emoji].

The proposed CC's at 2323 Canal St., a few blocks away from a McDonald's, Rally's and Burger King, divided the City Planning Commission at its meeting today. A CC's cafe at that site would be fine, but adding a drive-through calls for a conditional use permit.

Although the planning staff urged the commission to reject the drive-through, arguing that the increased car traffic would create a "hostile environment for pedestrians and bicyclists," the commission split 4-2 on the motion, meaning it moves to City Council without the commission's recommendation.

Several national drive-through chains occupy the area currently, but a homegrown coffee chain drive-through? There goes the neighborhood!

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