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30-Day Time Lapse of Canal-Rampart Streetcar Construction Puts Things in Perspective

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It seems like the city's streetcar and drainage projects have been going on forever, all at one time, and have produced little results aside from making everyone's lives miserable. But a time-lapse video from the RTA puts one of these projects—one that actually finished on time—in perspective. There is progress happening!

The RTA released a video distilling 30 days of work on the "half-grand union" streetcar project at Canal and N. Rampart Streets, which connects the Canal line to what will eventually be the N.Rampart/St.Claude Avenue line. The project made downtown traffic miserable—and N. Rampart Street and St. Claude Avenue are still a huge mess—but the project finished exactly on schedule. The time-lapse is a reminder that there's progress happening, even if we need to whine about it along the way.

A fascinating 30-day time-lapse of Canal-Rampart streetcar track installation []