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OPI May Be Debuting Punny, New Orleans-Themed Nail Polish

And now, a dispatch from the beauty blog world: according to the blog Beautygeeks, the nail polish brand OPI will debut a New Orleans-themed collection bearing the brand's signature punny names.

While OPI hasn't released anything official yet, Beautygeeks uncovered images of the spring/summer collection from "unofficial sources" on the weird beauty internet. This alleged New Orleans collection includes dad jokes like "Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya," "Crawfishin' For Compliments" and "Show Me Your Tips!"

May we suggest some colors for the hypothetical New Orleans-themed fall collection?
Haute Garbage. A dark brown mixed with an iridescent oil slick, inspired by Bourbon Street.
Pothole-in-One. A granite color with sparkles and flecks of tire.
Oh Boy, Oh Boil Water Advisory! A cool blue tone, extremely dangerous to consume.
Red Tape. A true red that takes weeks of phone calls and follow-up emails to order.
As Above, So Below Sea Level. A limited edition color that will eventually disappear completely.

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