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This Gretna Home is Filled With Taxidermy, Including a Giraffe

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Photo via Realtor

Lately we've featured some wacky decor in New Orleans area homes on the market, and a reader tipped us off to this Gretna gem that really takes it to the next level. The generally tame home has a living room whose floors and walls are covered in taxidermy — including that of wild boar, a lion, and a giraffe that seems to be walking through the wall. This animal kingdom spans to the upstairs, where an alligator growls near the staircase.

The 5,665 square-foot home, a Victorian-style dating way back to 1998, is on the market for $690,000. No word on if any of this terrifying menagerie is included.

· 1411 Stonebridge Drive []