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6 Gorgeous, Grand French Quarter Homes on the Market

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Photos via Realtor
Photos via Realtor

What's great about the French Quarter is you never know what could be hiding behind those old iron gates; a lot of times you can't tell from the street that you're before a huge mansion. The neighborhood may be known for pied-a-terres occupied by part-time residents (there's some really tiny ones), but here are some of the grandest homes in the neighborhood on the market right now.

↑ Known as the Ossorno House, this 230-year-old home is said to have originally stood along Bayou St. John and moved to its current French Quarter spot in 1781-1784—hence its Creole plantation-esque style. The 4,839 square-feet home is currently a run-down four-plex with an unfinished third floor, but perhaps someone will restore it to its glory. It's on the market for $2,740,000.

↑ This gorgeous grand dame mansion on Esplanade Avenue contains beautiful details in its four stories: Corinthian columns under ornate archways in the double parlor, 16-foot ceilings with original medallions and balconies with ornate wrought iron. A huge master bathroom, which doesn't have tile or any of the trappings of a normal bathroom, fit for spending hours primping. The 6,319 square-foot manse recently got a price chop and is down to $2,400,000.

↑ The Queen Anne-style French Quarter home boasts a super lush courtyard. Leading up to the courtyard is a tree-lined driveway wide enough for so many luxury vehicles, and the balcony gives you a wonderful view of your tropical paradise. Rooms in the 4,062-square-foot home are painted in bold colors, like the jungle green living and dining room and a kitchen whose walls and cabinets are clay red. Other details include stained glass windows, ornate fireplace mantles and ceiling medallions, and floor-to-ceiling book shelves. The asking price is $2,249,000.

↑ The 1848 townhouse, including ground floor commercial space and three residential floors, was recently renovated. Bathrooms include pretty mosaic tile work, and the home is filled with original millwork, ceiling medallions and fireplace mantles. High-end amenities include Miele and Subzero kitchen appliances and a futuristic elevator where you can pretend you're riding one of those air tubes at bank drive-throughs. How much for the 5,200 square-foot space? $3,900,000.

↑ Situated in the quiet part of Bourbon Street, the 1820 Creole cottage includes a 2,682 square-foot main house, a 968 square foot, two-story guesthouse and a pool. Inside the home features wood floors, a spacious kitchen, and three wood burning fireplaces. The asking price is $2,500,000.

↑ Architect Frank Masson designed the 5,300 square-foot 1830s mansion that includes original mantles, doors and millwork. There's also a large kitchen and formal dining room, a master bathroom with a huge walk-in closet, and a lush courtyard and guesthouse. How much? $2,950,000.