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Craigslister Suggests Stealing from NOLA Airbnbs to End Short-Term Rentals

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We've talked to death the issue of short-term rental services like Airbnb in New Orleans through studies, panel discussions and porch art installations, and it seems like some sort of revised regulations might come out of City Council sometime soon. But in the meantime, a Craigslister—decidedly on the anti-STR side—has proposed one solution to shutting down these rentals once and for all: stealing from Airbnbs.

Like many New Orleanians, this Craigslister believes Airbnbs are driving up rent prices in neighborhoods, and his or her solution is that you should just literally start stealing stuff from New Orleans Airbnbs. The logic is that it will cause Airbnbs to become less profitable and eventually, drive them into extinction.

What kinds of stuff should you steal? "Expensive things," ("throw them in the river") like flatscreen TVs, "ironic things" like curtain rings, stuff from "adjacent properties," and—perhaps most complicated—the poster suggests you "steal items from one rental property, hide them in a second property run by a different landlord, and report the second landlord for theft." Alternatively, you can also mail the stolen items to Airbnb HQ, the address of which is listed on the post.

That's one solution the city's short-term rental committee probably won't recommend.

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