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This Bywater Couple Has a 'Conversation Pit,' 'Sleeping Pod'

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We've seen man caves and she sheds, but here's a new, non-gender specific place to chill out in your home. This couple—owners of the restaurant Suis Generisprofiled on today built a "conversation pit" in their renovated Bywater attic.

Both inspired by modern architecture (the wife, Adrienne Bell, loved the "Brady Bunch" house growing up), the couple turned this third-floor space into a veritable groovy party pad with a DJ booth, a projection system for movie nights, and the aforementioned sunken seating area in the middle of the floor, where bands have set up to play for the couple's swinging parties.

The space also includes a cozy "sleeping pod" flanked by built-in shelves and a wall that slides open so the couple can watch movies from bed. Not to be forward, couple we don't know, but if you ever want to have us over for a movie night or dance party, let us know.

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