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Algiers' Federal City Redevelopment Plan Includes Homes, Apartments, Boutique Hotel, Retail and More

Riverfront development: now coming to the other side of the river. Plans are in place to redevelop the shuttered Navy facility in Algiers known as Federal City into a high-end residential and retail community on the river.

Architects Southwest, the Lafayette firm behind the Village at River Ranch community in that city, is behind the plan. The 116-acre site is slated to include "1,600 homes and apartments within a five-minute walk of 356,000 square feet of new office and retail space," "a boutique hotel and a 35,000-square-foot grocery store with offices above it, near ground-floor retail space with residences on top" and "tree-lined streets and green space." The residential areas would be marketed to "baby boomers and millennials who typically would earn twice the mean income level in Orleans Parish" and would incorporate the century-old Navy buildings, possibly as residential lofts, and the iconic Navy water tower.

The working title for the redevelopment is New Orleans Riverside at Historic Algiers. The plan received the thumbs-up from the Algiers Development District, but it still needs zoning changes from the City Planning Commission. The first phase of the project could begin early next year.

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