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$5.475M Gets You a Haunted Garden District Hotel

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The 150-year-old Magnolia Mansion hotel, on Prytania Street in the Garden District, has appeared on all sorts of "haunted New Orleans" lists, according to the hotel's website. Now you can buy the Greek Revival mansion—ghosts included—for a cool $5,475,000. The listing photos are terrible (including one with a random lady in a white dress—a ghost?), but you can see more interior shots on the hotel's website.

Bought by a Tina Turner impersonator and her mother in 2001, the 14,000 square-foot, 15-room mansion has many themed rooms, including the blood-toned "Vampire Lovers Lair" and the "Bordello Storyville Jazz" room complete with jazzy murals. The "Gone With the Wind" room is a pretty green with a jade-colored marble fireplace mantel and a Scarlett O'Hara-worthy clawfoot tub. Just know if you end up being the buyer, you might need to do some heavy saging.

· 2127 Prytania St. [Realtor]
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