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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (1) Mid-City vs. (8) Holy Cross

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The Curbed Cup 2015, our third annual award to the New Orleans Neighborhood of the Year, is kicking off with eight 'hoods battling it out for the honor of a prestigious fake trophy and obviously, bragging rights. Voting for each match-up ends 24 hours after it begins. We'll showcase a neighborhood face-off through the week with results and the full tourney bracket reviewed on Friday. Let the eliminations begin!

Today's match-up: Mid-City versus Holy Cross, a perennial favorite versus an up-and-comer. Both have beautiful historic housing stock; however, one neighborhood is way more affordable than the other. Mid-City certainly beats Holy Cross in terms of convenience and amenities, but Holy Cross has a quiet, country feel—and again, you can't beat those home prices.

Mid-City. With the opening of the University Medical Center and the Lafitte Greenway, this neighborhood has seen a lot of development this past year. This comes on the heels of massive retail development on North Claiborne Avenue with Mid-City Market, plus more stores on the way. But even before this surge of development, there's always been a lot to love about this 'hood: Curbed commenter MidCityLegend says Mid-City is "a great neighborhood where neighbors are actually neighborly [and] local watering holes are actually local." Facurola says, "Great bars, great restaurants, parks and an authentic atmosphere. Not to even mention the architecture that even after many years keeps surprising me." NOLA-proud says it's great for young home-buyers: "Mid-City is the place to be for 20-30 year-olds and new home buyers. Not as suburban as Gentilly or as overpriced as the Lower Garden District."
On the market: This four-bedroom asking $489,000.

Holy Cross. Here's the underdog. As Bywater gets increasingly expensive, people are being lured farther down St. Claude Avenue to this historic neighborhood that boasts beautiful, historic and affordable homes and a strong, friendly community. The area still lacks in amenities, and it can get pretty dark at night, but many people who live there like the quiet "country" feel of the neighborhood. And again, you really can't beat some of the home prices, and the large lots the homes are on.
On the market: This 2,256 square-foot arts and crafts renovation for $349,000.

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