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A Marigny Oasis, LGD Victorian or an Algiers Point Camelback?: Pick the House of the Week

While the market has been pretty slow lately, we found some beauties this week. Which one is your favorite? Take a look at our recap, and vote in our poll!

↑ This renovated Marigny corner store with a swoon-worthy pool and patio is asking $772,000.

↑ This Victorian in the LGD asking $989,000 is all dressed up for the holidays in its listing photos. This place has two full kitchens, y'all.

↑ This Victorian camelback in Algiers Point demonstrates the elegant conversion of a double to a single, and pretty historic details abound. It's asking $575,000.

Poll results

·Former Marigny Corner Store With Pool, Patio Asks $772K [Curbed NOLA]
· LGD Victorian Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit, Asks $989K [Curbed NOLA]
· Algiers Point Victorian Camelback Asks $575K [Curbed NOLA]