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The Curbed Cup Round 1 Results Are Here!

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Oh, boy! The first round of Curbed Cup 2015 is over, and there were many surprises.

First, perhaps the biggest upset is two-time defending champion Bywater (3) lost to new-in-the-game Warehouse District/CBD (6). Has Bywater lost its allure?

Another surprise is Gentilly (2), which was far and ahead the most hyped-up 'hood before the match-ups began, losing to Central City (7). Remember, guys, that comments don't count as votes: you gotta actually vote!

And finally, you all clearly love Algiers Point (4), which crushed the LGD (5). That 'hood is still considered an underdog; will it pull off the greatest upset and claw all the way to the top honor?

Next week, round 2 begins. Don't forget to vote, tell your neighbors to vote, and remember that respectful trash-talking is always welcome.

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