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City Says No to Algiers Point Man's Electric Car Charger

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Pick your punny lede of choice: The city pulled the plug on this Algiers Point man's electric car charger. New Orleans makes a power move by telling this Algiers Point man he can't have an electric car charger. Algiers Point man uses the city telling him to remove his electric car charger as an outlet of his frustration at the city's lack of energy efficiency.

Anyway. Algiers Point resident Vlad Ghelase bought an electric car a few weeks ago. His home, like many in New Orleans, lacks a driveway, so he had his charging station installed on the curb out front. The city did not like this, and has ordered Ghelase to remove it by the end of this week or his electricity will be shut off.

As you can see from this report on WWL, Ghelase also has solar panels running his home. Can't we give this guy a break for trying to help the environment?

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