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The Curbed Cup is Coming! Name 2015's Best Neighborhood!

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Call it March December Madness meets good ol' fashioned neighborhood rivalry: the annual Curbed Cup is coming, and it's your chance to pick the New Orleans neighborhood of the year.

It's a competition that celebrates local pride as much as it does civic developments. Starting Dec. 14, eight New Orleans neighborhoods will face off in a fashion similar to a March Madness bracket. Your impassioned pleas in the comments, on Facebook and Twitter (use the hashtag #CurbedCup), and via email will help sway readers to vote for your 'hood.

But first, what eight neighborhoods should compete? Bywater won the grand prize two years in a row; should that 'hood hold on to the title, or make way for an underdog or a classic? Are you rooting for up-and-coming neighborhoods like Holy Cross or Gentilly, want to show your pride for a perennially popular spot like Mid-City, or argue for a wild card like New Orleans East? Anything goes—let us know in the comments!

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