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Beyonce, Brangelina, Paul Prudhomme and More: The Top Stories of 2015

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What did Curbed NOLA readers love in 2015? Not surprisingly, celebrities; both world-famous—Beyonce, Brangelina, the Scream Queens—and ones closer to home—like the late chef Paul Prudhomme. You also liked interesting fixer-uppers and a swimming pool for dogs (we don't blame you). Here now, the 10 most read stories of 2015.

↑ 10. An Uptown couple built a full-size swimming pool for their dogs, and the video of it is probably the cutest thing ever.

↑ 9. The comments section blew up over the news that a former Catholic church in Marigny was sold to new owners, who plan to convert the space into a boutique hotel. The hotel is slated to open in 2017.

↑ 8. The second biggest item of Brangelina news this year was their former French Quarter home getting an $850,000 price chop. We're a little upset that we still haven't seen interior photos yet.

↑ 7. Six Marigny properties belonging to beloved late chef Paul Prudhomme hit the market in November. The properties—which include four residential properties and one commercial—display the chef's jovial sprit through colorful decor.

↑ 6. There are a lot of mysteries on the FOX horror-comedy Scream Queens, but we know for sure where the fictional Kappa Kappa Tau house on the show is located—it's a mansion belonging to a well-known local in Old Metairie.

↑ 5. "Best floorplan ever?" We don't know about that. But this Garden District mansion sure is pretty.

↑ 4. The Brangelina news that started it all this year: the couple announced it was leaving its aforementioned French Quarter mansion for a New Orleans home "more off the beaten path." We still have yet to hear anything about Brangelina buying anywhere else in the city, so maybe they just said that to let us down easy.

↑ 3. While in bad shape, this Uptown Greek Revival had some beautiful details: vibrant blue ceilings as well as a bit of crown molding and gorgeous green tiles on a fireplace. Sadly, the house was torn down this summer before its potential could be realized.

↑ 2. You loved the impressive restoration of this gutted, 1925 Arts and Crafts home in the Lower 9th Ward. When the restored home hit the market that year, it asked $163,300.

↑ 1. While we still haven't seen an official response from Beyonce and Co. on the matter, it seems pretty likely that the veritable queen and king of pop bought a house in the Garden District this year. The couple continues to be spotted around town, and they couldn't possibly be crashing with sister Solange every time.