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Curbed Cup Round 2 Results! It's Going Down.

We're down to two neighborhoods in the 2015 Curbed Cup, and it looks like it's an all-underdog match-up.

Algiers Point won by a landslide in its match-up against Mid-City. There's a heated exchange on the comment thread for that post happening currently, with some wondering if there's something fishy going on—how did such a small neighborhood pull in so many votes (417 in round 2, 180 in round 1)? Well, we had nothing to do with that. Apparently this little 'hood that could has a very proud, active group of residents. Next time, be sure to try and galvanize your neighbors to ensure as many votes for your 'hood as possible.

Barely beating Central City, the Warehouse District/CBD won in round 2, which is a big surprise considering that this neighborhood probably would not have even been a contender in years past.

Starting Monday, Dec. 28, we'll open the final poll, and it'll close Dec. 31 at midnight. On Jan. 4 we'll announce the winner. Best of luck, happy holidays, and remember—VOTE!