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Curbed Cup Final Two: (4) Algiers Point vs. (6) Warehouse District/CBD

The end of the 2015 Curbed Cup is nigh: we are so close to endowing one contender with the prestigious honor of New Orleans' best neighborhood.
In our final round, it's Algiers Point versus the Warehouse District/CBD! Can the latter trounce Algiers Point, which we have seen to have a very active voter base? Let's recap our competitors:

First up, Algiers Point, which crushed Mid-City in round 2. Neighbors love the 'hood because you get the best of both worlds: the affordability of an off-the-beaten-path spot, plus historic architecture and the CBD/French Quarter just a short ferry ride away. The neighborhood has a few friendly bars and eateries, and soon major developments—Deep South Studios, the Federal City redevelopment—will take shape near by. Of his 'hood, reader Spencer Douglass says: "It's a small walkable neighborhood with great houses. I live a half block from the river so I get to walk my dog overlooking cruise ships and the French Quarter with zero tourists. Also the ferry is a great way to the CBD and French Quarter without having to use a car. And the Crown and Anchor is a great bar. We need more restaurants, though!" However, the neighborhood's detractors have been coming out of the woodwork: "While it is a neat neighborhood, it is struggling in the wake of the shortened ferry hours," says commenter Sapere21.

Next is Warehouse District/CBD, which beat Central City—not by a lot—in round 2. The previously nine-to-five oriented part of town also pulled a big upset by beating the two-time champ Bywater in round 1. It has seen a lot of growth this year: Spearheaded by the South Market District, the neighborhood has seen a ton of residential development and the opening of a cluster of hip eateries and shops—plus amenities residents actually need, like a CVS and fitness studios. Even before that, Rouses moved into the 'hood, providing the area with an affordable local supermarket. With the nearby Civic Theater and fun restaurants like Johnny Sanchez, the nightlife is pretty hot, too. For a young, well-do-to urbanite, this is the place to be.

Remember that the poll closes at Thursday, Dec. 31 at midnight. Vote, and be sure to tell your neighbors!

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