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Don't Forget to Send Us Your Tips in 2016!

Tips from readers are the lifeblood of our operation here at Curbed NOLA; your tips keep us up-to-date about what's going on—and going up—around town. Want to get in on the fun? Here's how you can help us in 2016.
Got information on a condo going up in your 'hood, a notorious blighted property that's finally getting a renovation, neighborhood grievances, a movie or TV show filming on your street, or some interesting gossip you heard? Hit us up on the tipline and we'll try to dig up what we can. Anonymity is guaranteed—unless you want credit/glory.

Real estate agents and developers: we're always happy to receive interesting listings or renderings for your latest project. Are you a homeowner who's particularly proud of your renovation? We wanna hear about that, too.

Happy New Year everyone, and remember to make that tipline bling in 2016.