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Which Decor Trends Should New Orleans Give Up in 2016?

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We look at a lot of New Orleans houses here at Curbed, and there are definite trends among them. While houses here are like those in few other U.S. cities, a lot of these trends mirror larger design crazes seen across the country. Which ones do you think we should resolve to give up in the new year?

Of course, there is the ubiquitous reclaimed wood. You can see people incorporating the rustic look in other places, but in New Orleans reclaimed wood is more than just a look—it's a nod to the historic structures of our city. Still, it can be a little much.

Another trend is the all-white-everything interior (which some of our readers have dubbed "resell white"). It can look sleek and minimal at times, but other times it sucks the life out of a historic New Orleans homes.

And finally, a huge trend all over the country is the open floor plan. In New Orleans homes, this is often the solution for converting a double to a single; often the effect is awkward (this Algiers Point camelback shows you how a double-to-single conversion is done).

Take our poll below to tell us which decor trend you'd like to see gone in the new year, and be sure to tell us in the comments which New Orleans trends you love and loathe!

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