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Crescent Park-Adjacent Luxury Condo Building in the Works

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Soon after Sean Cummings' Via Latrobe project got City Council approval and MK Red announced it was working on condos near the bridge to Crescent Park at Piety Street, it looks like even more condos are coming to that part of Bywater. Canal Street Beat has renderings for a four-story condo building with 12 residential units and 1550 square feet of ground floor commercial space, also located near the Piety Street bridge.

The project at 3220 Chartres St. is right next to the planned MK Red project. Canal Street Beat says city records have the project including 24,000 square feet of new construction, costing $5.5 million. Mathes Brierre Architects are the architects on the project.

With all those condo and apartment projects, plus NOCCA's large footprint, do you think that part of Bywater is getting to dense and too high?

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