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There's Now More Photos of Brangelina's French Quarter House, But Still No Interiors

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One of the top New Orleans real estate mysteries of the year might be: why can't we see the interiors of Brangelina's former French Quarter home (which recently got a hefty price chop)? Most real estate listings—even of homes once blessed by the occupancy of celebrities—include photos, but the listings for the home have never included interior shots; one listing even instructed prospective owners to not take photos of the interiors. Did the kids wreck the place? Are there still weird sex toys strewn about? Who cares—we wanna see!

The listing for 521 Governor Nicholls St. now has includes a few more photos, but none of them are of the interior; just the courtyard, "cocktail pool" and back balconies. Oh well. Have any of you seen the inside of the place? Can you let us know what it looks like? We're very curious and non-judgmental.

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