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Pumped Up MidCity Rental is Back, Now Charging $345/Night

Remember way back when during last year's Voodoo Fest, a micro-rental hit Craigslist offering free beer and king cake? Well, that listing wasn't kidding when it said it had "a Mardi Gras' spirit all year round!" 2504 Esplanade Ave is back and now upping the ante with a "welcome New Orleanian snack package," whatever that is.

Apparently the snack package is enough to justify a $46 increase per night, as are the rather odd toiletries offered that include everything from towels to milk and cereal. Either you're expected to get so regularly wasted that you take your breakfast in the bathroom or milk and cereal is a new exfoliant. Occupancy has also dropped to five, so if you thought you could cram seven people onto a loft bed and bunk bed, you're sadly mistaken. We can only assume that the previously advertised air mattresses met their makers post-Voodoo Fest. (just like Outkast's career. Sorry, but they'll probably never play together again.)

You can still rent kayaks for fun, or people watch on a cool deck. You can also go to every restaurant on Esplanade. This listing casts its net incredibly wide, making it seem as if Port of Call and Nonna Mia share the same block. That's fine. If you're so drunk, you're showering with coffee and tea, you probably won't notice that they're not. Want to know how much this rental would be in the incredibly abbreviated month of February if you were to stay all 28 days? $9,660. A week alone will run you $2,415.

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