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$469K Gets You Half of a Creole Cottage With No Condos Fees

If you're looking for a place that you won't be perpetually sinking payment into as well as a voice in politics, then 1010 St Peter St might be the home for you. This two bedroom, two bath half of a Creole cottage boasts zero condo fees and the inspiring adage "one unit one vote," which is actually a quote from an obscure ruling in Georgia about county voting as well as a host of other things. Even if you're as apolitical as they come, 1010 St Peter St still offers an awful lot. Built in 1831 by free men of color Pierre Laurent and Charles Durand, this 1,100 square foot half offers a good amount of natural light, an exposed brick fireplace, and central heat and cooling as well as appliances. $469K gets you a voice in the neighborhood and a unit in a gorgeous home.

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