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Looking for That Mardi Gras Parade? There's an App for That

Mardi Gras has a wealth of options for revelry. And it can be overwhelming. But when the going gets tough, the enterprising harness technology to move forward.

Two local television stations have created parade smartphone apps to track real time updates on the latest locations of the party on wheels.

WDSU-TV created a parade tracker in 2009, to direct inquiring minds to go the right parade at the right time. Route details, dates, and roll times are provided for over 50 parades.

WWLTV provides a tracking service for phones and tablets for 51 flavors of parade goodness. Using scrolling maps, schedules, routes, and real time GPS, the app provides precision for partying plans.

Which is better? Download them both and take them out for a test roll to find your favorite.

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